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OurChocolate Bars

Our Trinidadian grown chocolate range currently includes Milk Chocolate, 45% Dark Chocolate, 65% Dark Chocolate and 85% Dark Chocolate. We guarantee the most pure Trinitario Cocoa beans used in all chocolates manufactured, as well as no added dyes, chemicals or parabens.

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OurCocoa Drops

Cocoa Drops are an innovative, modernized version of our traditional Dark Drinking Chocolate. Each pod contains authentic Caribbean spices (cinnamon, bay leaf, clove, orange zest), which when added to hot water or any milk of your choice, instantly dissolves, creating an aroma and giving a dose of love to the taste buds and life to the heart.

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DarkDrinking Chocolate

From the lush mountains of Tamana Trinidad and Tobago, to the warmth of your home, comes an all natural artisan indigenous chocolate, made in the ways of the ancestors of the islands. This authentic marvel is created from the premium flavored cocoa beans from Trinidad and Tobago, which are uniquely molded into the shape of an original cocoa pod.

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