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Mountain Pride was founded by Darril Astrida Saunders in 2007 with the idea of creating a product all too familiar to her, Traditional Cocoa. The raw materials were easily accessible as she inherited her father's cocoa estate in central Trinidad which produced genuine Trinitario Cocoa.

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Darril decided to shape the product in the form of a cocoa pod and market it, not only locally, but also to the tourist population. Quality cocoa beans mixed with her own blend of spices including; bay leaf, clove, orange zests, among others, formed a product that when added to boiling water created a sensational aroma which could only be beat by the taste of the hot chocolate it is used to produce.

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The company slowly grew only as much as it could as a cottage industry. Overtime, the company has reinvested, obtaining capital, assets (building, machinery, vehicles) and Mrs. Saunders developed the skills she needed to carry her company from the production of not only traditional chocolates, but to a wider range of products.

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Ms. Saunders soon was able to produce for the markets she had obtained locally, including major supermarkets and tourist shops nationwide. She also encouraged herself to grow and expand her knowledge as a chocolatier, and 5 years after her initial product. she began creating and marketing additional products under the Mountain Pride brand.

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These included 85% Dark Chocolate, 40% Sweet Dark Chocolate, Premium Milk Chocolates, her unique tasting White Chocolate, Cocoa Drops, Instant Dark Chocolate, and Astrillique (Chocolate Liquer).